For 30 years Cookies By Design has been delivery bouquets of delicious sunshine to our homes, offices, and celebrations, but that will all be coming to an end soon in Rockford.

A Bittersweet Goodbye for Cookies By Design

This one hits hard, folks. As a lifelong Rockford resident with a serious sweet tooth and love for sugar cookies, the news that Cookies By Design is closing its doors for good feels like the end of an era.

For birthdays, graduations, or just to brighten someone's day," Cookies By Design's colorful edible bouquets have been a Rockford go-to alternative for flowers when it comes to sending well, what are we supposed to do now?!?

When Will Cookies By Design in Rockford Close?

On Monday, July 8th, Cookies By Design published a Facebook post that said in part;

After 30 years in business we are announcing that we will be closing our doors on July 31, 2024. I would have loved someone to buy it and continue this amazing business, but unfortunately that hasn't happened. This was an extremely difficult decision, due to some personal reasons and also with my lease being up for renewal it feels like the right time to end this ‘sweet’ adventure.

Closing July 31?!? I guess we better stop into to the store located at 6415 E Riverside Blvd several times in the next few weeks to satisfy our cookie fix, (and don't forget these cookies freeze beautifully too!)

To Cookies By Design Rockford I would like to say this; thanks for the countless sugar rushes, the adorable sugar cookie bears, and for always being a part of so many Rockford celebrations and community events. We will miss you greatly!

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