Calling all dog lovers and their adventurous pups; ditch the ordinary walk in the park and set sail for an unforgettable experience on a dog-friendly boat cruise in Chicago this summer!

For the Love of Dogs

As the proud owner of three beloved dogs, I know there are a few things I can do to make my pups bark with joy;

  • Go on a long walk
  • Fill a rubber Kong with treats or give them an empty plastic water bottle to play with.
  • Take them along on a boat ride.

(Here's a pic from several years back of my dog Urban living his best life on the boat at our lake house)

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

If you have a dog that loves going on car rides primarily for the chance to stick their head out an open window to feel the wind on their fur, this unique Chicago boat cruise option is perfect for you both!

New Dog-Friendly Boat Cruises in Chicago

Spending the day having fun with your family in Chicago sounds awesome until you remember that you have to leave your dog behind, BUT you don't have to thanks to Mercury Cruises in Chicago.

Mercury, Chicago's Skyline Cruiseline via Facebook
Mercury, Chicago's Skyline Cruiseline via Facebook

Mercury, Chicago's Skyline Cruiseline's special Canine Cruises will set sail Saturday, July 13, 2024, and continue every weekend through October 13, 2024.

An article from Block Club Chicago says;

This tour showcases Chicago’s skyline from the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Guides highlight Downtown skyscrapers and share details about each building or landmark, along with fun facts about dogs and dog-friendly spots.

Mercury's Canine Cruises will also feature water bowls on board for the pups and bar and snack services for their human companions.

General boarding tickets are $42 for adults, $19 for kids ages 5-15, and $10 for dogs. Book your reservation and get more information now at


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