In the tiny village of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin lies a crystal-clear lake that people have flocked to for centuries due to the healing powers of its water.

Wisconsin's Magic Lake

Since sometime in the 1800s, people have been flocking to the tiny village of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for one major reason; Elkhart Lake.

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Elkhart Lake has beautiful clear water making it the perfect place for swimming, boating, paddling, and more outdoor fun. Elkhart Lake is also one of the deepest lakes in Wisconsin, but that isn't what makes it truly special.

Elkhart Lake's Healing Powers

Legend has it that Elkhart Lake was formed by a great spirit who blessed its waters with rejuvenating properties. According to the website Go Nomad;

The original inhabitants of the area, the Potawatomi Indians, called the lake Great Elk Heart Lake due to its shape resembling an elk’s heart. They believed the waters had healing powers and to bathe in it would rejuvenate and restore their beauty.

This may sound like a fun urban legend, but there could be a bit of truth to the magic of Elkhart Lake's waters. Elkhart Lake is a glacier lake so it's rich in minerals and other elements that many people say promote relaxation, relieve stress, and soothe tired muscles. Could this actually be true? If so, I'm totally in for a day-long float in Elkhart Lake!

The Osthoff Resort at Elkhart Lake

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin is not only home to a magic lake but one of the state's most beautiful resorts too!

The Osthoff Resort via Facebook
The Osthoff Resort via Facebook

The Osthoff Resort was opened in 1885 by Otto and Paulina Osthoff who were originally from Germany and came to Elkhart Lake in search of healing. According to, Paulina was suffering a nervous breakdown and her doctor suggested visiting Elkhart Lake to find peace and tranquility, which she did. The Osthoffs loved the lake and the village so much, they made it their permanent home and opened a resort that people still love today.

The Osthoff Resort provides a fabulous mix of historical charm and modern luxury, and it's totally family-friendly. The resort offers biking, golfing, hiking, a kids club, bowling, water sports, live music, shows, and so much more. I'm pretty sure your mind and body need you to book a trip to The Osthoff Resort, so you better click here now.

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