The Kat Kountry 105 Kountry Kat of the Week is Zoey. She's a Balinese Mix. A Balinese cat is an offshoot of a Siamese cat, only with longer hair. The Balinese is said to be one of the more intelligent breeds of cat and are known for desiring lots of affection. Zoey is about 2 years old and has been in foster care for six months. She likes to play and be held. Zoey has a loud purr and is litter box trained. She's been vet checked, spayed and dewormed and all ready for a permanent home.

Check out the other cats and dogs looking for good homes at the Steele County Humane Society website. If you're looking for a dog, a couple of new ones have just been taken in and their info is listed on the website.

Summer is here and we can anticipate warm weather. Remember to make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water and shade.

adoptable pets
Photo courtesy of the Steele County Humane Society.



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