2024 marks KDHL's 76th year of expanded coverage of the MSHSL's boys basketball tournament this week.

Coverage this year started with four games focusing on southern Minnesota teams in quarterfinal action on Wednesday, followed by a mix of entertaining action today.

Listen to all the action on 920 AM KDHL/97.9 FM, the KDHL app on your phone, on our website at kdhlradio.com, or on your smart speaker.

Friday on KDHL will feature the Class A semifinals and the Class AA semifinals, followed by all four championship games on Saturday.

Friday's KDHL Broadcast Coverage

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KDHL's Championship Saturday Schedule

Coverage of the 2024 tournament is provided by the KDHL broadcast team of Roy Koenig, Derek Thada, and Brad Prestemon. The glaring absence from this year's team is longtime KDHL broadcaster Gordy Kosfeld, who continues to recover from surgery.

All four state championship games will be played at Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota Campus in Minneapolis.

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