If not for a Danish great grandfather, I'd be a 100% purebred Norwegian. While I've had stories of Norway handed down over the years, I was taken aback when I stumbled upon a story recently. The story stated that the head of Norway's Public Roads Administration had asked soon to graduate from high school Norwegians to please refrain from running naked across bridges and to avoid making whoopee on roundabouts, lest they startle drivers. What?

I did a little poking around and learned from numerous websites that starting in mid April till May 17 which is the Syttende Mai, a large number of soon to graduate students party like there's no tomorrow. It's called the Russefeiring. Students in preparing for graduation get together and pool their resources and then travel the country in vans, buses or other types of vehicles painted blue or red. It's pretty much non stop drinking and partying. It's said that each year there are a number of tragic accidents. There are party folks who hire sober drivers to take them concerts and other party spots.  There are some resourceful students who get sponsors for their parties and then post their advertising on their vehicles.

While many students take part in this non stop partying, there are a number who refrain as well.

Here's a link from the Busness Insider that gives some insight into this wild partying.

Are you as surprised as I am? For my high school graduation we ate sandwiches and cake. But that was in Wisconsin though.

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