Be safe, trick or treaters, and have fun. Drivers, be on the look out for all the princesses, ghosts and goblins.

Remember to change your clocks before you go to bed or at 2AM. Yep. Daylight Savings Time changes to Standard Time when we turn the clocks back one hour. Some clocks even change themselves if they are up to date. But some will have to be turned back manually.

Of course, this means we have to get use to a new time, which experts say can take up to a week. It seems on that first day the clocks are turned back we compare the time that it would have been if we hadn't changed the clocks.

When we change our clocks it is also a good idea to check the home so it's ready for winter, only a month and half away.

Check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to be sure batteries are up to date or maybe the detectors should be replaced.

Chimneys and fuel-burning heating equipment (fireplaces, furnaces, heaters, wood or coal stoves) should be inspected by a professional.

Double-check that anything flammable is three feet away from fireplaces, space heaters and wood stoves.

And winterize your home with insulation, weather-stripping, or possibly replace doors or windows.

Speaking of fall, how about that Fall Classic? Kansas City Royals are up 2-1 over the New York Mets, after the Mets won last night 9-3. It was windy. One of the flags shown did not move much, but the next flag did. Even the players standing still had their uniforms moving. The Mets looked pretty good last night and the Royals seemed out of sorts.

Also a note, Mets pitcher 23-year-old Noah "Thor" Syndergaard struck out 20-year-old Royals rookie Raul A. Mondesi making his major league debut, which has never been done before. Mondesi is the son of Raul Mondesi, who played for the LA Dodgers and was the 1994 Rookie of the Year.

Since tonight, Game 4, is Halloween, I'm thinking the crowd might dress up.

I have a feeling I will be watching the movie Casper after the game. He is a ghost, it fits.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.