Residents of Prior Lake are being warned of the dangers of a popular 'game' that kids are playing. That game is known as Nerf Wars, and some of the consequences of playing could result in serious injury or even death, like what happened a few years ago in another nearby community. 

The letter from the Principal of Prior Lake High School John Bezek, reads like a warning for parents about the potential dangers of taking part in Nerf Wars.

"A Nerf War is an activity involving a Nerf gun where teams of students shoot foam darts to "kill" opponents on other teams in an effort to win prize money. These games can take place in a wide range of locations including cars, parks, homes, or anywhere teams choose to play."

"Nerf Wars can become dangerous when students get into vehicles and forget to buckle up, or don't obey traffic laws in an effort to win the game or they startle people by hiding out and ambushing participants on private property."

Principal Bezek went on to write that any students found to be playing the game on school district grounds, sites, or events will be suspended.

Prior Lake schools are taking this 'game' seriously, and this 'game' gives parents a great opportunity to speak with their middle school or high school-age children about the importance of exercising good decision-making. In past years several schools have seen students injured while playing this game, and of course, the two students from Lakeville South who died in 2015 after a car they were driving in, while playing nerf wars crashed and killed "Jacob Flynn, 17, and John Price, 18, on Dec. 4, 2015, in the crash of a pickup truck about three miles from Lakeville South High School. Flynn had been “kidnapped” by three classmates in the school’s parking lot as part of a game in which players tried to be the last person to avoid capture. In fall 2015, the prize money for Lakeville South students was more than $6,000." according to Mercury News online.

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