April 28 is National Super Hero Day, and while there is no signal in the sky, there is a local man ready to jump into action. Much like Clark Kent, Faribault High School graduate Dennis Vogan also has an alter ego!

With the calendar marking National Super Hero Day, it seems like the perfect time to highlight the Faribault graduate who spends part of his time bringing joy to people by dressing costume. Dennis Vogan never intended to have a side business portraying superheroes but thinks it was meant to be, “like Peter Parker getting bit by that radioactive spider. I've always loved dressing up in costume and being theatrical, and I've ALWAYS been a huge nerd and absolutely love and adore comics and pop culture.”

When a friend of a friend was looking for a superhero to attend a child’s birthday party, Vogan was referred, and it has grown from there. He says he does events of every kind, and has had some great experiences in costume. Vogan attended the official Lego Batman event at the Mall of America dressed as Batman, has attended a charity car wash as Batman, was featured in a newspaper image with Gary Johnson at a rally while dressed as Spider-man, and last fall even legally wed a Faribault couple dressed as Batman.

He has a variety of costume choices for clients to pick from including Spider-man, Batman, Captain America, Silver Surfer, Casual Rocket Raccoon and more. Having always been a interested in the characters, Vogan said “I can't imagine what meeting one of my heroes as a child would have meant to me. But that means I get to give that experience to others.”

If you’re interested in bringing a hero or villain to your event, or just want to learn more, check out the Awesome for Hire Facebook page.

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