Pop superstar Katy Perry was a guest host on The Ellen Show this week (Oct. 22), and she took the opportunity to chat with her American Idol co-judge about another upcoming gig they've got in common: Both are booked for Las Vegas residencies in the months ahead.

Bryan's residency starts in February 2022, and when he announced it, he told fans that the experience would be different than coming to one of his shows. In conversation with Perry, he jokes that he's gearing up for the nine-date run by leaning into his rock 'n' roll side, even brushing up on his impersonation of the King himself, Elvis Presley.

Of course, Presley's connection to Las Vegas is well-documented: It was the home of his historic, career-saving 1969 show, and he's since become inextricably linked in fans' minds with the glitz, glamor and dazzling showmanship of a Vegas performer.

Presley was also a musical idol for Bryan, the singer explains during his Ellen stop.

"I was a kid in my room listening to Elvis' Live in Las Vegas, like, that was one of my primary records," Bryan recalls, before launching into a deep-voiced, convincing croon to prove how well he knows the King.

After he concluded his onstage Elvis tribute, Perry jokingly cautioned Bryan to keep his impersonations to singing, and not the wilder lifestyle habits the legendary star was known for.

"Not the other stuff, just the singing. Steer clear of the toilets," Bryan adds.

During his Ellen stop, Bryan and Perry also exchanged gifts to help each other prepare to attend the other's shows. Perry presented Bryan with a mushroom hat — which he described as a "fashionable hard hat" — for him to wear when he attends her Vegas set. Meanwhile, Bryan offered Perry an important accessory for her to bring when she sees him in Vegas: A hat with two beers and a straw attached to it.

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