Halloween lovers, get ready! The Mall Of America just announced an epic new haunted attraction that is kicking off this year. Your average haunted attraction this is not, featuring live actors and a bar with spooky cocktails and food. It will also be completely indoors unlike other haunted attractions in the area.

A press release on the new attraction says that it will be about forty-five thousand square feet and "one of the top" haunted attractions in the country this Halloween season. It will feature "elaborate set designs" and of course, thrills everywhere you turn. It will be on Level 2 South.

The attraction will be called Onionhead's Revenge and is being dubbed "a new breed of haunted house" per the attraction's website. For some backstory, Onionhead is a young man from Louisiana, given the nickname after he was accused of murdering a young woman. He was taken out by a vigilante mob, who scattered him throughout a local cemetery.

His mother goes out seeking revenge on the mob and slowly, each one dies a slow and painful death. As for Onionhead, he still stalks the cemetery, which is likely the scene you will be walking through when you attend the haunted attraction later this year!

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Will you be able to make it through the haunted attraction unscathed by Onionhead? I don't know but I am looking forward to finding out! The scene is set for the attraction and it looks and sounds absolutely awesome.

Locals still report sightings of a monstrosity, hideously stitched together, stalking the cemetery… and out for revenge.

So what else can we expect from the haunted attraction? All of the following and then some:

  • The haunt will be story-based
  • Dozens of "live scare-actors" and "legendary creatures"
  • Evocative sets, including a Louisiana-inspired bayou and graveyard set
  • Media-based scare moments
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Special effects
  • An original soundtrack

Tickets for the haunt will go on sale in August with a special presale on Tuesday, August 1st. It will run from Friday, September 15th through Halloween day. As of now, ticket prices are not available. The Mall of America has teamed up with American Monsters for this project, a leading company in all things haunted entertainment so you know it is going to be good. I can't wait!

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