There's a bookstore in Mankato, Minnesota that apparently has a resident cat that will keep you company as you shop. The bookstore that this cat calls home is called Once Read Second Hand Bookstore and Exchange.

I don't remember where I originally heard or saw that there's a cat that lives in this bookstore, but I did some Googling and found a post written by Mankato Life about this bookstore and they mentioned the cat.

According to Mankato Life, the bookstore's cat's name is Fred the Shop Cat (or, I'd imagine, Fred for short). It sounds like he just hangs out and will wander on over to you if he decides he wants a scratch. Also, when you're on the Once Read website, at the bottom of the page there are pictures of a cat, so maybe that's Fred! Or maybe a cat that was there before Fred.

Fun fact about the bookstore in general, the building that Once Read occupies was built in 1870 according to their website. The building went through many tenants but Mark, the owner of Once Read, opened up the secondhand book store in 1975. So not only has the building been around for a long time, the bookstore has become a staple of the town.

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If you're thinking about stopping by Once Read offers all different kinds of books. Of course, it sort of depends on what people sell to the bookstore. They buy books that you don't want anymore and then turn around and sell them. So who knows, a book you've been looking for my turn up at Once Read!

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