The lack of employees has proven to be a big problem for all kinds of businesses lately. I've seen plenty of restaurants that have closed either for the time being or forever because they don't have enough employees. Even the largest online-only Halloween costume retailer, which is located in Mankato, Minnesota, is having trouble finding employees. They've even gone to the extent to recruit employees from out of state.

The Halloween business is called or (which is owned by They're based out of Mankato and they have launched their Halloween Hero program to try and recruit employees for the upcoming season. As they say on their website they need thousands of employees to make everything happen during the Halloween season. They need employees so badly that they're offering to pay for people's hotel costs who are coming from out of town.

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If you're considering taking this position, here are a few things you may want to know:

This is a full-time position. They do say there will be many opportunities to work overtime, though. As long as you work your required 40 hours per week, the company will pay for a hotel for you to stay in, in Mankato. You also need to be 18 or older to apply, you have to present 2 valid forms of identification, and in order to be eligible for the hotel deal you need to live in Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin at least 30 miles from's building.

As for pay, it depends on what shift you work. The basics if I'm reading the chart correctly are you'd make $14 per hour if you work the day shift, $17 per hour if you work overnight. Certain shifts get $3 shift premiums (so an extra $3 per hour) and everyone will get an extra $5 or $2 per hour no matter what time you work in the weeks leading up to Halloween. You can take a look a the pay layout HERE.

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