Bounce Town in Medford is an indoor, year-round, inflatable play and party center for children 12 and under. Medford is the second center the owners have opened, the first one is in Mankato.

I have heard so many great things about them, however, I have not had the chance to get out there. Mainly, my children are too old for this attraction now. That doesn't mean they wouldn't love it though.

Much to my surprise and delight, Bounce Town offers a Special Needs & Disability Open House Night, monthly.

"Special Needs & Disabilities Open House Night

BounceTown hopes to promote community support for kiddos with disabilities and/or special needs.1st Thursday of the month 5:00-7:00 will be a night to allow children to play that otherwise can't play during Open Bounce hours and provide parents with support.

Please come and check out the possibilities for our Specials Kids! The whole family is welcome to come to support each other in some fun play time! Only $5 per person to bounce.

Children are welcome to bring ear protection, if needed."

What a great program, and I think it's wonderful that they are working to be inclusive to the whole family. So, if you know anyone whose family might benefit from this activity, please spread the word! Not only that but, they also offer parties. Hmm, think I could have my next birthday out there?

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