I figured I'll save some time and postage money and just post our Christmas card and newsletter here and then email links.

Merry Christmas

This past year:

The barn fell in

My daughter and her long time boyfriend broke up

My wife and I didn't break up

I bought an old pickup at an auction. It would look good next to the collapsed barn for our Christmas picture but it won't start.

Marley the dog continues to lose her vision as she now barks when she sees me pulling into the yard.

I bought a plaid jacket for a dollar at a rummage sale to match my hat. I got the hat new many Christmas's ago.

Three cats died. My wife is holding Tigee the cat. She didn't die.

Not just cats but all my garden squash died too. Probably not from the same thing though.

The chute broke off my snow blower.

I sometime leave the TV on in the horse shed and I caught Dukie the Miniature watching 'Frosty the Snowman'. He now wants to be a reindeer and pull a sleigh. We're humoring him. Wish I could get those stupid antlers away from him.

Roy the horse wrecked three horse panels, one hot water bucket and one GFI as he likes to pull on things to get attention.

We're thinking of downsizing but the city council hasn't voted as to whether they'll let us move into town yet.

Here's hoping you had a good year too. (wink wink)

Merry Christmas


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