Millennials, those who were born between 1981-1996, have now become the leading generation of our nation, and boy have millennials seen a lot!

But you know what that means? This means they grew up to be legal drinking adults in a very confusing time! But what has been changing our world more than ever? That answer is COVID, and as an adult myself, COVID really affected how much and where I drink, so I’m betting it did on others too.

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash
Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

According to a study conducted by an education research firm and scholarship website engine Scholaroo, they have discovered the best and worst states for millennials. Within the 52 metrics they used to compare all the 50 states, one metric included drinking rate. they have compared all 50 states and ranked them from lowest drinking rate to highest drinking rate. And I am here to share that news with you.

it was shared by that the percentage is based on "adults 18 to 44 who reported binge drinking (four or more [females] or five or more [males] drinks on one occasion in the past 30 days) or heavy drinking (eight or more [females] or 15 or more [males] drinks per week)."

The graph is screenshotted from report on
The graph is screenshotted from report on

In the graph you see above, Scholaroo has ranked the states from lowest to highest alcohol consumption. This means that the state listed as #1 (Utah) had the lowest alcohol consumption compared to all 50 states! This leaves our Midwest neighbor Iowa being the state with the highest alcohol consumption (at #50). And don't worry, Wisconsin came in as #49 aka the state with the 2nd highest alcohol consumption rate!

Graph shows percentage of increase drinking rate. credit to Scholaroo Media Team
Graph shows percentage of increase drinking rate. credit to Scholaroo Media Team

Now the graph above showcases the increased percentage each state has. According to Scholaroo, Millennials in Minnesota have increased their drinking rate by 23% this year compared to 2018 numbers, positioning the state as the #10 place where millennials consume alcohol.


(States ranked from highest to lowest in rate of alcohol consumption among Millennials)

  1. Iowa - 32.20%
  2. Wisconsin - 31.90%
  3. North Dakota - 30.50%
  4. Montana - 30.40%
  5. Nebraska - 30.00%
  6. Vermont - 29.00%
  7. Louisiana - 27.50%
  8. Pennsylvania - 26.90%
  9. Colorado - 26.80%
  10. Minnesota - 26.70%
  11. Wyoming - 26.30%
  12. Missouri - 26.00%
  13. South Dakota - 26.00%
  14. Kansas - 25.50%
  15. Oregon - 25.50%
  16. Michigan - 25.10%
  17. Nevada - 24.80%
  18. Alaska - 24.70%
  19. New Hampshire - 24.70%
  20. Texas - 24.30%

All information is credited to the Scholaroo Media Team and their website. check it out to interact with the map and see all the data for the 52 factors in each state!

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