What's with the 2024 cinnamon and lead connection? Anyway, there is yet another situation regarding elevated levels of lead in cinnamon. Earlier it was pouches of cinnamon applesauce. Now its ground cinnamon.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is alerting consumers to avoid consuming certain ground or powdered cinnamon products.

The US Food and Drug Administration issued an alert for these products after determining they contain elevated levels of lead. Prolonged exposure to these products may be unsafe and could contribute to elevated levels of lead in the blood.

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The products in question are:

  • La Fiesta Canela Molida (Ground Cinnamon) sold at La Superior and SuperMercado retailers and online. Affected lot code 25033.
  • Supreme Tradition Ground Cinnamon sold at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar retailers. “Best if used by” code dates affected are:
    • 09/29/25 09E8
    • 04/17/25  04E11
    • 12/19/25 12C2
    • 04/12/25 04ECB12
    • 08/24/25 08A_ _
    • 04/21/25 04E5
    • 2025-09-22 09E20 (Missouri)
  • Marcum Ground Cinnamon sold at Save A Lot stores and online retailers. “Best if used by” code dates affected are 10/16/25 10DB and 04/06/25 0400B1 (Missouri).
  • Swad Cinnamon Powder sold at Patel Brothers and online retailers. Affected lot code is KX21223.

You should not eat, sell, or serve the above listed ground cinnamon products and should discard them.

If there is suspicion that someone has been exposed to elevated levels of lead, talk to your healthcare provider. Most people have no obvious immediate symptoms of lead exposure.

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