Perhaps my favorite childhood memory? Well, it happened to be trips to the city dump. My grandparents lived on the dump road. My grandpa's hobby after retiring was watching for a truck or trailer with prospects as he called them heading toward the dump. Back in the 60's the dump was totally different from today. You'd just unload your stuff and once in a while a dozer would push it over the hill. My grandpa would take me out there and we'd search for toys for me and grandpa would look for usable furniture or interesting stuff. He'd then take it home and clean it up or fix it. It was his hobby.

This interest is apparently deeply embedded as I still enjoy walking through salvage yards looking at old vehicles. I much prefer it to restored car shows. Here's links to a few junk yards located in Minnesota on you tube.

This one is in Hastings and claims to have just Fords



Here's another one close by, in Byron. If you go to the 6 minute mark you can heard the guy shooting the video has some knowledge of cars.



If you watch starting at the 20 second mark, you'll notice the front clip of a 59 Ford mounted in a tree. This salvage yard is in Tyler, MN


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