According to a press release from Governor Mark Dayton's office Minnesota students lead the nation on ACT college entrance exam scores. This top ranking is based on states where all students took the test. Minnesota scored an average of 21.5 compared to the national average of 21. There were a total of 17 states that gave the ACT test to all students. 61,101 students in Minnesota's graduating class of 2017 took the ACT.

31 percent of Minnesota students met each of the four benchmarks-English, reading, math and science compared to 27 per cent nationally.

Among states who gave the test to more than half of their students, Minnesota placed fifth in the nation.

While ACT results improved for all student groups, students of color and Native American students continued to score lower on average than white students. African American, Hispanic and Pacific Islander students all increased score averages of 0.5 points.



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