Sure, we know that our teams drives us to drink here in Minnesota. And that shows up at Target Field, where Twins fans drink more than most others across Major League Baseball.

Some factors that may lead to all this drinking could be (not in any particular order), poor team performance, really good Minnesota craft beer, and a need to celebrate in our short summer.

Posted on Reddit and titled Which MLB Fans Drink the Most? Minnesota Twins fans tied for eighth among the thirty Major League Baseball teams' fans. The top honor goes to the fans that call the Chicago White Sox their own, enjoying 4.2 drinks per game. The fans that consume the least alcohol per game follow the Philadelphia Phillies, at 2.4 drinks per game.

I'd be interested where Vikings fans rank compared to other NFL fans. I mean if any Minnesota team drives it's fans to drink, it's the Vikes!

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Top Ten Average Number of Drinks per Game

  1. Chicago White Sox (4.2 DPG)
  2. Atlanta Braves (4.0 DPG)
  3. Cincinnati Reds (3.8 DPG)
  4. Cleveland Guardians (3.8 DPG)
  5. San Diego Padres (3.7 DPG)
  6. Colorado Rockies (3.6 DPG)
  7. Washington Nationals (3.6 DPG)
  8. (tied) Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, New York Mets (3.5 DPG)

And that's with a beer at the ballpark costing anywhere from $10 to $15. I'd imaging the DGP numbers would really jump if a beer was just a couple of bucks.

The Minnesota Twins open the 2024 regular season on March 28th against the Royals in Kansas City (3.3 DPG), and the home opener at Target Field is set for April 4th against the Cleveland Guardians.

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