Well here we are again as a Vikings fan this really seemed like the year they were going to have a chance at a Superbowl win! The team had a great record and pulled out the "W" for so many games that were total nail-biters.

A new coach seemed to breathe new life into the players and fans, but some of the players started to get a bit cocky along with plenty of fans. Could that have been their demise? If I could tell you what went wrong yesterday, I would be a football expert. It was a million different things that even a rousing home crowd could not steer the ship in the right direction. By this tweet, the Vikings were sure confident going into the game, and The Giants answered with one word.

A friend of mine that is a die-hard Packers fan wrote on Facebook after the Packers lost last week saying something along the lines of It would sure be nice to someday have fans (Vikings) continue to cheer on their own team instead of cheering the loss for the opposing team. In reality that will never happen, the same would have happened if the Vikings had lost and the Packers were in the Playoffs, these rivalries have gone on for years and some current and former Packers players were all for it.

But it really seems like the Vikings had a target on their backs this year given all the trolling from not just the Giants but Packer players as well. As they say, if you are going to be someone who brags make sure you can back it up. Well, there is always next year.

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