This has been quite a winter for Minnesota and it has only just begun. We have had about 4 or so dangerous blizzards, and I don’t think mother nature is going to quit yet.

Despite this being hard on our cars, our cities and schools, as well as our peace of mind, many Minnesotans have been making TikToks to document and poke fun at why we live here, as well as showing some classic Minnesota Nice during these terrifying times.

To start, we got the classic uncovering your car from the 2 feet of snow piled onto it. Here are some TikToks to showcase the intensity. I’m also sure we can all relate to throwing our snow scraper down like a sledgehammer trying to get ice and snow off our car.

Then there are moments we all dread in Minnesota snow storms! The moment when your car is stuck in the snow while driving, but luckily with that good ole Minnesota Nice, many people are here to help!

You can’t have a Minnesota Blizzard without a snow day! But as this teacher points out, while kids may not be at school, it is always important for students to have a workstation set up at home ready for E-learning days!

Lastly, we all know that while our snow plows are our lord and saviors during these hard times, the amount of snow built up on the sides of roads is crazy… so crazy, you gotta go along with it!

Hope these TikToks either made you laugh or remind you that we are all in this together, and like every year we will get through it!

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