Alright, admit it, you have definitely used abbreviations before in a text or two! If you are like me or around my young age, this is an obvious “duh.” I mean it is just so much easier to speak in abbreviation over text. The number of times I have wanted to (or have) typed lol, rt, rn, omg, omfg in a work email is immaculate, but I refrain (sometimes).

However, a textspeak abbreviation is about both what you say and how you say it – all rolled into 2-4 plain letters. Which is why I add lol at the end of each text to exude my passiveness and comedic personality.

It’s an efficient labor-saving technology and a powerful ‘new’ form of communication explains WordTips, who decided to go to Twitter to find out which parts of America are using which initialisms the most.

WordTips “analyzed more than 18 million geotagged tweets across every state and the 50 biggest cities, and then calculated the average number of tweets (per 100,000) that contain common textspeak abbreviations. [They] also analyzed the usage rate of abbreviations by state compared to the national average to find each state’s most uniquely popular initialism.”

Aka we are going to find out what abbreviation Minnesota texts the most on Twitter!

But first a couple of fun facts shared by WordTips:

  • LOL is America’s favorite initialism, appearing in 1,411 out of every 100k tweets.
  • Twitter users in Georgia use initialisms in 5,942 tweets out of every 100k – more than any other U.S. state.
  • Only 2,125 tweets per 100k from Idaho contain textspeak abbreviations – the lowest rate in the U.S.
  • Tbh is the most uniquely popular initialism in Illinois, Oregon, New Mexico, and Washington.

I am honestly not surprised about the stat on lol. Dude, lol is my weakness! As that Franks RedHot commercial goes “I put that s--t on everything.” And I know many others my age do as well, lol.

While this may be, lol was only the #1 initialism in three states: Alaska, Idaho, and Missouri.

But what was Minnesota’s #1 initialism? To be honest man, this one surprised me!

Minnesota’s #1 initialism: tbh.

Lol, I did not see this but hey, maybe there was a surge of tbh tweets due to people realizing Minnesota is actually awesome in the winter, despite our thousands of snow storms.

Tbh was also the #1 initialism in 6 other states! This includes Illinois, Indians, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin!

Data image is credited to the study done by WordTips
Data image is credited to the study done by WordTips

Midwest States and their #1 initialism:

North Dakota: w/

South Dakota: ily

Iowa: imo

Minnesota: tbh

Wisconsin: tbh

Nebraska: w/

Michigan: dm

Illinois: tbh

The Top 5 Most Used Initialisms in America:

#1: lol

#2: bc

#3: idk

#4: omg

#5: ppl

Data image is credited to the study done by WordTips
Data image is credited to the study done by WordTips

Based on these findings, WordTips found that “North Central states tend to use fewer abbreviations, and four of the five states that have an initialism rate lower than 2.5% (2,500/100k) are on America’s northern edge." Woah, who knew?

WordTips also shares the most used initialism in U.S Cities. In Minneapolis it’s dm, and in St. Paul it is w/. You of course can visit here, and scroll down to view the whole list!

Well, that was fun and hey maybe you might start adding more abbreviations into your texting, considering there are so many. And with new ones popping up all the time, you’re gonna want to keep up! Plus WordTips shared that they tend to show up in crossword clues.

All information is credited to the study from

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