The web site Gizmodo has taken the time to compile a list of the most popular Halloween candies in each state based on sales over the last 10 years. Let's get started. Each of the top 3 candies listed is on pounds sold.

Minnesota's favorite is the Tootsie Pop with 198,000 pounds sold followed by Skittles at 194,000 and then a big drop off to third place Almond Joy at 98,000 pounds.

As for our neighboring states, South Dakota's favorite is Starburst with 24,000 followed by Jolly Ranchers at 22,000 and then Candy Corn at 22,000.

North Dakota is similar but Hot Tamales come in first with 65,000 and then Jolly Ranchers at 61,000 and Candy Corn at 51,000.

The favorite in Iowa is the Peanut But Cup from Reese's at 58,000 followed by M and M's at 54,000 and then Butter Finger at 25,000.

Wisconsinites favor Starburst with 116,000 pounds sold followed by Butter Finger at 115,000 and then Jolly Ranchers at 42,000.

Now, take another look at the above and think about this. The top three selling candies in Minnesota totaled a bit under 500,000 pounds. We have a population of around 5.5 million. Our neighbor, Wisconsin purchased just 275,000 pounds or so of the top 3 selling candies. Wisconsin's population is 5.7 million.

This led me to check on New York with a population of around 8.5 million. Their top 3 selling candies totaled around 357,000 pounds while Illinois with a population of around 12.8 million totaled around 400,000 thousand pounds of candy when considering just the top three sellers.

So, are Minnesotans really obsessed with these top three selling candies? Or perhaps we're pigs when it comes to buying sweets? Look at how much more we purchased compared to states with larger populations.

You can check out other states at the Gizmodo web site.

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