Our beloved coffee chain has announced that a couple of its locations will be closing soon, however, details are still in the works.

I was so sad when I was scrolling through Minnesota news and my eyes caught an article about our beloved coffee chain closing locations.

Caribou Coffee has announced that they would be closing about 4 store locations in Minneapolis.

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According to an article from Bring Me The News, this is what they stated:

Caribou Coffee remains focused on serving the needs of our team and guests, which is why we evaluate and adjust coffeehouse locations. We look forward to continuing to serve our guests at several Caribou Coffee locations that will remain open in downtown Minneapolis. As always, our team members are our top priority, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to relocate all team members to nearby locations. Guests should use the Caribou Coffee app for the most up-to-date store hours and information.

In the article from bringmethenews.com, they list the possible four stores closing:

  • Baker Center at 109 S. 7th St. in the skyway
  • Gaviidae Common at 651 Nicollet Mall in the skyway
  • 60 South Sixth at 555 Nicollet Mall
  • Fifth Street Towers at 100 S. Fifth St. in the skyway

In regards to the downtown Minneapolis stores, Caribou said "we are unable to comment on specific location closures at this time, as dates are not finalized and not immediate."

So, while these are possibly the stores closing, details might change as nothing is finalized yet.

While this is sad to hear it is also sad for those who worked at these locations. And while Caribou mentions that all employees at these locations have been given positions at nearby stores, Bring Me The News, nor 5 Eyewitness News could confirm with specific employees, as it is an ongoing process and for security reasons.

I’m hoping not too many Caribou locations close because while I do love my Starbucks and local shops, nothing beats Caribou.

And it just is always hard to hear that ever since the pandemic many stores, from local to big chains, have had to deal with the cost. This includes shortening hours and products, to closing locations, and we will continue to see it happen, unfortunately.

All information is credited to bringmethenews.com.

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