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It's just been named as the Worst Attraction in Minnesota in a new online social media poll, and it's just under an hour away from Owatonna. Do you know what it is?

Thanks to the dedicated followers of Matt Surelee's Instagram page, we now know which attraction is each state has been voted as the worst. In case you don't know, this Business Insider story defines Matt Surelee as an internet content creator who's become somewhat famous online for creating a chart or graph and posting it to his account every day-- something he's been doing since 2017.

Sometimes his charts and graphs are meant to be humorous, like the graph he created that shows the minuscule amount of time on Fridays between 'When I Wake Up For The Day' and 'When I Give Up For The Day.' Other times, like for THIS chart of Worst Attractions, they're based on responses from his over 334,000 followers.

And so it is that we've learned that those followers sure don't give Minnesota's own Mall of America in Bloomington a lot of love. In fact, according to Matt's map, it's been voted as the Worst Attraction in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, over in my home state of Wisconsin, the kitschy waterpark capital of the world, Wisconsin Dells, has been voted the Worst Attraction. And down in Iowa, the Field of Dreams baseball field in Dyersville gets the nod as Worst Attraction.

I've got to say, I tend to agree with the chart for both Wisconsin and Minnesota. Now, don't get me wrong, I've been to both the Mall of America and Wisconsin Dells many times, and I know how beloved they both are. They both attract a TON of visitors, many of whom can't wait to go back, and both generate a lot of money for each state's economy. So, yeah, they're popular, alright.

I, however, don't feel the need to head back to either of them anytime soon-- as many of Matt's followers also apparently feel. (I'd rather head out hiking and take in the scenic beauty in one of Minnesota or Wisconsin's many state parks.) What do you think... do you agree... is the Mall of America Minnesota's Worst Attraction?

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