As of July 1st, Minnesota has passed a law where people can buy food and beverages containing up to 5 milligrams of THC with a max of 50 milligrams per packaging. And while everyone is so excited and has been buying all sorts of edibles and vapes, I have not heard about a lot of beverage products.

That is until I heard that a Minnesotan Brewing company, Indeed Brewing, is about to come out with a sparkling THC drink! Yes, you heard me right, a sparkling THC beverage!

I first saw the information in an article from Bring Me The News. The new non-alcoholic THC seltzer is called Two Good and will consist of a lemon-lavender flavor, which will release on August 1st.

Bring Me The News had a chance to speak with the CEO of Indeed Brewing, Tom Whisenand, who stated "we're seeing pretty strong trends these days of seeing more people drinking less alcohol, but at the same time being interested in other types of beverages that may not have alcohol but has other things like THC or CBD — things some people would perceive to be more healthy."

In 2018, Indeed Brewing put out a drink named “lull” with 10 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD in it. But according to the BMTN article, “the product was taken off [Indeed’s} menu due to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture sending them a letter stating it was illegal to sell the product. Whisenand commented to them that the company Indeed is excited about the new law because their drink “lull” did well when they were able to sell it.

To read more about what Whisenand told Bring Me The News, as well as more information on the new law, visit their article here. All information is credited to this article. Visit Indeed Brewing's website to check out their products and locations, too!

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