Morgan Myles is undoubtedly a gifted vocalist. So much so, she has managed to breeze her way into the Top 5 on Season 22’s The Voice without landing in the bottom four during weeks prior. That means viewers have voted her on through to the next phase of the competition week after week.

But this week, Myles had to step up her game to win over America's hearts one final time. Singing two songs as part of night one of the two-part live finale, she pleased folks with a standout cover of Little Big Town’s award-winning smash “Girl Crush,” penned by songsmiths Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose.

Ahead of her offering, a teary-eyed Myles read aloud a touching letter she wrote to her parents.

"Dear mom and dad. Words can’t express how proud I am to call you my parents. You’ve held my hand through the hardest times. I cannot thank you enough for that. I cannot thank you enough for guiding me through this. Mom, you’ve been my everything, from taking piano lessons with me when I was five to doing my hair before the national anthem at Gillette Stadium. I just couldn’t do it without you. Dad, the minute I say I need you, you get in the car and you’ll drive 1000 miles to show up. I’m so proud to call you my dad. My dreams are big and the fact that you continue to prop me up when I can’t stand makes this hard journey possible. When I’m breaking down from exhaustion and feeling not worthy, you listen and somehow know just what to say. Mom and dad, thank you….”

In front of coaches and a live studio audience, Myles stunned in a red, floor-length gown fit for a star. She nailed the heartbreaking ballad about a woman who becomes jealous of the girl who is with the man of her dreams, and fantasizes about what it would be like to be in that woman's shoes.

Myles’ gritty vocals, performance expertise, and impressive vocal range made the tune a fitting choice for her to cover, and coaches seemed to agree.

“Morgan, honestly, that was such a great choice for you,” Gwen Stefani said. “Country looks so good on you. You’re trying to decide what lane to be in, but I think my favorite thing about you is that you’re so good with dynamics in the way, that you can control your voice in those moments.”

“I was just thinking about how versatile you are and how much you can do,” John Legend added. “I’m no expert like Blake, but I feel like she is the best country singer I’ve seen since I’ve been on The Voice.”

Myles didn’t only nail the Little Big Town hit. She also took the stage with a cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” — a decision her coach Camila Cabello said was handpicked because “her voice has so many similarities to Bonnie Tyler’s voice with that rasp, grit and passion.”

Onstage, Myles was joined by a choir as she stood atop a staircase in a glittery pantsuit paired with an angelic cape. And while the hopeful looked effortless dancing around on the floor as she nailed the lyrics of the tune, she showcased just how tough it is to be performing under the shining lights, because she nearly took a nose-dive. However, she proved she was a pro and managed to catch herself in the nick of time.

“I think that song was a perfect song to just explain who you are in the show and your whole journey. Your voice is perfect for that song. It was beautiful,” Stefani said, cheering her on.

“What I always tell Camila after you get done performing is how much I love the crackle in your voice,” Legend added. “You have that crackle, that rasp at the top of your range, which is so exciting. It makes everything sound urgent.”

“You made me want to cry during that performance, Morgan,” Cabello noted, “And, I have like a heart of steel. I don’t ever cry. You deserve to win — you deserve to win The Voice.”

Of course, it's not up to Cabello to decide who wins the coveted The Voice title. But judging by Myles’ track record (she earned a four-chair turn with her blind audition, and she has never been in the bottom of the ranking), she has a high chance of taking the crown. Fans will find out the winner of The Voice during the two-hour star-studded finale on Tuesday night, Dec. 13, at 8PM ET on NBC.

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