Cloquet is a pretty cool spot in its own right but it has a little bit of star power thanks to one of the biggest names in Hollywood! We all know that Jessica Lange is from the Northland and often talks about her love for the area and Minnesota in interviews.

For awhile, she owned a home in Stillwater, where she reportedly raised her family with her husband. However, she eventually sold that home, telling media outlets that she didn't feel like the town was a 'real place' anymore and that it had become 'yuppified' over the years.

One place she has never talked ill of? Cloquet, the spot she was born and raised before she became a two-time Oscar winning actress in Hollywood. However, she never lost sight of the Northland, often talking about her home here and how she loves to come back when she can.

So what is the deal - does she still live at that cabin in Cloquet? I did a little research to try and find out. It looks like all signs point toe fact that she does indeed live here, although not full time for now. (Here's all of us hoping she moves here full-time at some point!)

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The latest mention I could find of the famous actress comes courtesy of an article in the New York Times, which was shared in September of 2019. She was doing press for a new show she had coming out and as her newfound love for photography. In this article, she says she has a cabin "an hour or so away" from where they were at that time, which was traveling up the North Shore.

I also went looking on Twitter for any mentions of a Minnesotan possibly running into her. I did find one from 2018, where an unknowing Minnesotan was shopping next to the icon and didn't even know it.

One article really stood out, though. In November of 2022, she did an interview with the Chicago Tribune where she talks about escaping during the pandemic and going to her cabin in the midst of it to escape the craziness of New York City, saying;

[...] later, I went up to my cabin in northern Minnesota

Considering this interview was done in late 2022, just a few months ago, I think it is safe to say she still has that cabin in Northern Minnesota. However, she doesn't live here all year long, as she talks in the article about living in NYC.

To answer the question that started it all: yes, it looks like the Academy Award-winner does indeed still have property and ties to Northern Minnesota. If she had sold her cabin, she probably wold have mentioned that or it would have made headlines. Plus, with the way she talks about Minnesota, it is hard to imagine her ever giving it up.

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