Today, July 11th is National Free Slurpee Day! Why? Because 7/11 is the day to celebrate the birthday of the beloved chain, 7-Eleven!

Since July 1st, you are able to get a free Slurpee at any 7-Eleven across the country and at 7-Elevens subsidiaries Speedway and Stripes stores up until today! According to, while 7-Eleven has only been celebrating today as its birthday since 2002, the chain has been selling Slurpee’s since the 1950s.

But before you hop in your car there is one catch; you need to be a new or current member of 7Rewards or SpeedwayRewards! USA Today has also explained that “customers will also receive an exclusive Slurpee Day cup, which they can refill and sip on for just $1. 7-Eleven is also offering items that are only $1 [today] for rewards members.”

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So while supplies last, I would head to your nearest 7-Eleven, or in our case as Minnesotans, head to your nearest Speedway, and maybe try a new flavor! noted that the chain has over 300 different flavors to try including ones like Vanilla, 7-Elemon, Warhead, Sour Apple, Mango, and many more!

If you ever wondered about how the Slurpee came about, according to, it was an accident created by Omar Knedlik, who termed it “ICEE”. It is explained that “Knedlick got the idea after one of his soda fountains broke down, forcing him to put his sodas in the freezer to keep cool. The resulting soda slush was a hit with Knedlick’s customers prompting him to create a machine that would freeze carbonated drinks.”

When the word about this slushy drink became popular “7-Eleven made a licensing deal with Knedlick in 1965 to sell the product under a different name; one that would only be sold in its stores. In 1966, the Slurpee was officially born. The name was coined by an advertising executive referencing the sound made when drinking it.”

So before the day ends, get your slush on and head to Speedway!

Information was provided by an article from USA Today, and To read more fun facts and information about the Slurpee and the national holiday, check out!

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