The herbicide Dicamba caused quite a furor recently with reports of drifting to neighboring farms and damaging soybean plants. As estimated 3.6 million or around 4% of all beans planted were affected. Symptoms included wrinkled and cupped leaves along with stunted growth.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture on Tuesday announced new restrictions on the Dicamba herbicide.

The cutoff date for applying Dicamba is now June 20. It's hoped this will help reduce the potential for movement. Also the majority of Minnesota soybeans are still in the vegetative growth stage by June 20 and are more likely to be affected than those in the reproductive stage.

Farmers are now advised not to apply Dicamba is the temperature or forecast temperature is 85 degrees or warmer. Research indicates more injury with an increase in temperature.

The new restrictions were set forth by Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson.



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