Recently the internet has got another trend to try and hop on. If you haven’t heard about it, the latest thing is to try the “healthy Coke” created by a user on TikTok on June sixth.

In the video, created by Amanda Jones, Jones takes you through a step-by-step on how to create this new drink.

The drink is very simple. All it takes is a glass with ice and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Then take any flavor of any sparkling water and pour until the glass is full. Then you mix it together and boom, you have a healthy coke!


Jones posted this video and it immediately got reactions from many, many people! It began to trend on the TikTok app and now currently has over 6 million views. Now if you search for healthy coke on TikTok Jones’ video isn’t even the first video to show up. I tried to find her but I seemed to just keep scrolling through many, many reaction and recreation videos. I ended up finding her through a user that tagged her.

After watching some of these videos the verdict is about half and half. A lot of the first videos are people who swear it tastes good, but many videos later said it was really bad. One user summed it up beautifully and said “it’s giving like cauliflower is rice. bell peppers can be a burger bun or zucchini noodles. Those are all great, but they are not what they claim to be”

Here is her video here, so you can see her reaction:

So, with that being said, would you try the “healthy Coke”?

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