I am not really one for alcohol but combine it with a milkshake?... Sign me up! There is a new bar in Blaine in the Northtown Mall and its name is 2 Pink Squirrels! Yes, you heard me right 2 Pink Squirrels, but stay with me because this place is so cool!

Jumping right onto their website you are brought to a yummy picture of some decadent milkshakes and a little bit about 2 Pink Squirrels. They describe themselves as a “contemporary take on the soda fountains of yesteryear with a cheeky twist. We are a family-friendly full-service bar crafting vibrant, creative cocktails for adults & delectable, adventurous milkshakes for everyone.” If you aren’t too into hard milkshakes that’s okay because they also have craft cocktails, elevated craft cocktails, '90s cocktails, and kid-friendly milkshakes.

And the style and theme of this place is just amazing! They take you back with an old-style 90s bar with pops of color, bringing in more of a modern chic feel! They have been open since August 25th, after they had a soft launch, and are open from 11 am to 8 pm daily, but will have a grand opening party on October 1st, according to bringmethenews.com which will be from 1-8 pm and will “sweet treats, games, and surprises.”

Filled with many delicious drink options, the menu contains many things that excite me! This includes the hard milkshakes like Mudslide (includes Bailey’s, Kahlua, Smirnoff, chocolate ice cream, malt balls, and whip cream) or Pink Squirrel (includes Crème de Noyaux, Crème de cacao, vanilla ice cream, and grated nutmeg). A drink that peaks my interest is included on the elevated craft cocktails menu and it is the pretty bird (includes Kettle One, Aperol, pineapple, grapefruit, lime, and strawberry syrup). Feel free to check out their full menu here!

All information is credit to the article from bringmethenews.com, and 2 Pink Squirrels' website.

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