Oh no. Not this again. Red balloons are appearing throughout parks in Owatonna. Who is leaving them?

It's uncertain.

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This vibrant balloon was spotted in Mineral Springs Park on Sunday, October 17th.

In addition, locals have reported sightings of similar red balloons in Manthey Park, near their parked cars, and on local slides and park benches.


My immediate thought was 'killer clowns' are returning just in time for Halloween.

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If you need a refresher, let's travel back to 2016 and review what has been dubbed as the Great Clown Panic. The Week newspaper sums it up like this:

"At first it was just a clown or two here and there, a few bizarre local news headlines, scattered jokes on Twitter. And then, seemingly overnight, clowns were everywherehiding in ditchesstanding near dumpsters, prompting statewide school lockdowns."

It was quite the time, and though 'menacing clowns' have still been sighted in the last couple of years. The sightings do not compare to the year 2016.

Hopefully, someone is just trying to 'prank' the public in honor of Halloween, and it's nothing serious. Though, leaving a balloon tied to a children's slide doesn't sit right with me.


One Facebook user stated that "[t]here was recently a red balloon release in the honor of someone who had passed," which could explain the sightings, but why would they be tied to local structures? Especially a slide.

Anyhow, avoid storm drains and sewers, and perhaps, we will all make it through the Halloween season.

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