You know me, I love going to breweries! I like trying the beers but I also enjoy the atmosphere of breweries. And there's a brewery in Minnesota that I'm surprised I haven't been to yet because it was just named one of the most unique in the entire country!

Rochester, MN Has Some Awesome Breweries

We've got some pretty sweet breweries here in Rochester and all with their own uniqueness about them. Which one do you think is the most unique?

There's Thesis, Little Thistle, Kinney Creek, Forager, and LTS. I almost want to say Thesis is the most unique because of their branding. But let me know what you think in our app chat. (Download our app below so you can hit us up anytime.)

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At the end of this post, I'll put a list of all of the breweries within an hour of Rochester. There are quite a few, you'll want to check them out when you can!

Most Unique Brewery in Minnesota

Now, for the most unique brewery in Minnesota and one of the most unique in the entire country. This list was created by The Minnesota brewery that made their top 5 is a place called Bang Brewing in St. Paul.

I had never heard of this place before. The brewery is in an old grain silo! They call it The Bin.

How cool! They also have a goal of leaving the smallest footprint possible. So that means, all of their electricity is wind generated, The Bin was made in a way to reduce water usage, and the facility is zero-waste. Their beers are also 100% organic and some are pretty unique. They've had beers made with local honey and beers made from tomato juice from a local food truck.

They also have a beautiful beer garden. I'm totally nerding out about all of the native Minnesota prairie plants they have.

So now I HAVE to check this place out!

Most Unique Breweries in the Country

As for the other breweries that made the top five, those include:

American Icon Brewery in Vero Beach, FL

Farmers and Bankers (F&B) Brewing in Woodstown, NJ

McMenamins Concordia Brewery at Kennedy School in Portland, OR

Scratch Brewing Company in Ava, IL

Delicious Beers Await at These 22 Breweries Within an Hour of Rochester

Craft breweries are incredibly popular right now and it doesn't seem like they'll be going anywhere. Right here in southeast Minnesota, there are 22 breweries all within an hour for Rochester and more are being added!

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