Located in Wisconsin is one of the top five cheapest cities to live in the United States.

Everything Has Gotten So Expensive

I do not know if you have noticed, everything has gotten so expensive. I went to the grocery store and it cost me over $200. It blew my mind. Gas is approaching $5 per gallon. I am hoping things return to normal soon because the cost of living is ridiculous.

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Looking For Somewhere Cheaper To Live

We are lucky to live in Rockford because it is much cheaper than in big cities like Chicago. I do not know how people afford to stay there. Have you ever thought of finding a cool but less expensive place to live? I went to Wisconsin over the weekend and paid $3.99 per gallon for gas which was really exciting. That is wrong for so many reasons. Maybe, Wisconsin is the answer.


Wisconsin Is Home To One Of The Cheapest Cities In U.S. To Live

I know you can move to a smaller town and live more affordably but some people want that big city life. Wisconsin can provide that for you. Milwaukee is one of the cheapest cities to live in the United States. In fact, it is rated number five.


Milwaukee Is # 5 Cheapest City To Live In United States

According to timeout.com,

"We should all be looking for the ultimate work-life balance, and these are the cheapest places to live in the US in 2022."

Factors In Determining The Ratings

  • Art scene
  • Nightlife
  • Outdoor activities and space
  • Quality of life
  • Work-life balance
  • Community
  • Cheap drinks
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Why Did Milwaukee Make This List

"Like many cities on this list, Milwaukee has a great work-life balance, ample access to nature, and great food."


"Nicknamed “Brew City”, you can count on good beer, those famous Wisconsin cheese curds, and festivals." 

I have been to Milwaukee several times and it is definitely a cold place to hang out. Especially now, that I know it is a more affordable city.

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