The Owatonna Foundation announces a grant of $50,000 has been awarded to the Four Seasons Center. The funds are to be used to help pay for the purchase of a new electric Zamboni ice machine. New regulations requiring improved air quality meant that the Center will have to transition from gas-powered machines to electric. It's believed a new Zamboni will make its arrival either late next year or perhaps in the early part of 2019. There is about a one-year delay in delivery of these machines due to high demand.

Earlier this yearn the Owatonna Foundation announced a grant of $6,097 to the Steele County Agricultural Society to provide air conditioning to the Muckle Building and Museum. A controlled climate will not only be welcome to visitors but also will help in the preservation of the artifacts kept in the Muckle.

The Foundation Trustees recently paid a visit to Wee Pals Child Care Center to view a completed project that the Foundation had given a grant for. The money was used to remodel the kitchen facilities which was necessary to changes in health regulations.

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