An Owatonna, Minnesota teen seems to really have a knack for computer programming. He not only started his own business helping people with computer problems but he programmed the Christmas lights on his parent's home to synchronize with music.

His name is Nolan Baker and he actually started synchronizing the Christmas lights to music when he was in 7th grade, according to FOX 9. That's impressive! He's now a senior in high school and people are stopping by to admire his work. People can sit in their cars, turn their radio to a specific station, and watch as the lights match the music.

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Nolan told FOX 9, "'It's really cool to spread some cheer. Nice to come home and see cars parked out front listening to the radio.  You wave to them as you pull into the driveway. It's a fun time.'" If you wanted to stop by and see Nolan's work their home is located on Murray Street in Owatonna. You can't miss it.

As for Nolan's business, in case you're curious, he does things like help people repair computers but he also does work like helping set up cameras at the Steele County Fairgrounds.

If you can't make it by to see Nolan's work this holiday season don't worry, he plans to keep doing this either until he has a house of his own to decorate or until his parents move, whatever comes first.

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