Cash Wise Foods in Owatonna has done it again with their Round-Up event this Holiday season! This time, Cash Wise shares the generous donations to Steele County Humane Society.

(LtoR) Becky Bangs, Sandra McConn Halla, Keith Ramm, Deb Singelstad, and Diane Nagel. Credit to Cash Wise Foods and SCHS
(LtoR) Becky Bangs, Sandra McConn Halla, Keith Ramm, Deb Singelstad, and Diane Nagel. Credit to Cash Wise Foods and SCHS

Cash Wise has been hosting its Round-Up event for years, and each year they give what is donated to Community Pathways, but like last year, Cash Wise has also given some of the donations to Steele County Humane Society. Over the course of a couple of weeks during the holiday season, every customer is greeted with a notification at check out, asking if they would like to round up their total to the nearest dollar.

I had the chance to speak with I believe is Becky Bangs, Office administrator of S.C Humane Society about their partnership with Cash Wise. While they have only partnered and received a gift from Cash Wise for 2 years, they are always over the moon about it.

The Steele County Humane Society, a non-profit rescue organization, has been here for quite some time, but Bangs shared that they started a kickoff fundraiser this past spring for their new shelter (which broke ground in November)! The shelter is seeking to raise funds to build its new place, and so their over-arching goal is to be able to create this space so they help every animal that is out there.

“Unfortunately, right now since we are foster-based, we are not able to help every animal that comes our way that we would like to help,” explains Bangs. “So, we have to turn them away or refer them somewhere else just because we don’t have the space.” Bangs shares that this is why their goal is to be able to build the shelter they have been dreaming about. Bangs and the team want to be able to help any animal they can and are excited that with each day, each donation, and each volunteer, they are getting closer to that new shelter/home for the animals around Steele County.

The donation of $645 was given to the Human Society via Cash Wise gift cards. Bangs noted that they will be used for some pet supplies Cash Wise has, as well as basket and auction items they will have at their fundraisers soon to come!

When asking Bangs about the donation she notes that they are just happily overwhelmed by the generosity and honored by not only Cash Wise choosing to donate their Round Up donations to them, but also to the community for making those donations. Bangs ends her thoughts with “Thank you!! Thank you to the public, and thank you to Cash Wise for choosing us!”

You can visit Steele County Humane Society’s website here, or even check out their Facebook!

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