Craft Brewing has taken the country and our state by storm. Last week at the Minnesota Brewers Cup, more than 450 beers from more than 90 breweries were entered into the annual competition.

The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild holds the contests to select and name the best beers in the state across various styles and categories through blind taste tests.

Best Creme Ale in Minnesota

Mineral Springs Brewery’s winning entry was one of its flagships, the Cinder Hill Cream Ale. MSB names each of their offerings after local landmarks, legends, or lore, and the Cinder Hill Cream Ale is no different. Many locals know Cinder Hill as the very steep 60-foot hill just off Linn Avenue, often used by local athletes for training.

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Co-owner and head brewer Scott Sebring says,

It’s humbling to achieve recognition like this, and also very affirming. The Cinder Hill Cream Ale has been a favorite at MSB since the day we opened. We’ve spent time fine-tuning the recipe over time, and I think that was key to this recognition.

You can see all the 2024 MN Brewers Cup Awards winners here.

Mineral Springs Brewery has been operating in Owatonna since November 2019, offering craft beer, seltzer, and sours from their fully operational brewery and taproom.


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