As someone who is not only a big fan of sweets but crepes, I am very excited to share the news of new crepe stores coming to Minnesota!

This past Summer it was announced that the Texas-based, fast-casual restaurant chain, Sweet Paris Crêperie, and Café, would be coming to Minnesota to open four locations! Their authentic menu and charming store design that transports you to the streets of Paris will bring a unique experience that I think we Minnesotans will LOVE!

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It is so exciting to hear that we have more information on those locations and openings. Sweet Paris has announced Woodbury will be home to the first of its four planned Minnesota restaurants!

Located at 265 Radio Drive, Sweet Paris’ building construction is expected to begin this spring, with an opening date planned sometime this summer.

What about the other locations? In an article from Bring Me The News, the company told Bring Me The News it's expecting to open two of those cafés in 2023, with the other two expected in 2024 and 2025.

What I think is really cool about Sweet Paris coming to Minnesota is that in doing so, “the company is joining forces with a group of partners in the Twin Cities including Dan and Brenda Vansteenburg,” notes Bring Me The News. Dan and Brenda Vansteenburg, who were one of the first Jimmy John's franchisees in Minnesota in 2001, now own 35 stores across the Twin Cities and dozens more in other states.

So get excited as this delicious and aesthetically pleasing restaurant starts making Minnesota a home! Bring Me The News also shares that Sweet Paris Crêperie and Café recently ranked 17th nationally on Entrepreneur Magazine's 2022 list of the best new and emerging franchises!

The menu offers many delicious items from savory crêpes (such as Philly Cheesesteak, Chicken Alfredo, and Nordic) to sweet crêpes (such as Cookies n’ Cream, S’mores, and Nutella with or without fruit), to even specific breakfast crêpes served with all your favorite breakfast options.

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