Announced on Tuesday, Bring Me The News has informed many that QC Pizza’s South Minneapolis location has closed! Of course, this comes out around the same time I write a post on places to get pickle pizza in Minnesota, naming QC Pizza as one of the top places.

Bring Me The News explains in an article that “they had lost their lease due to the sale of the building by their landlord,” and could not relocate elsewhere. The pizza shop opened last year in the former Boss Pizza and Chicken space at 34th Ave. and 55th St., according to

QC Pizza is best known for offering hand-tossed, Quad City pizza; “a style of the dish originating in the five cities along the Iowa-Illinois border,” noted Bring Me The News. But QC has recently gained more attraction and notice because they offer their own version of the famous pickle pizza! If you did not know that was one of the top new foods from the Minnesota State Fair. I recently wrote an article about the best places to get pickle pizza in Minnesota, where you can check that post out here.

While this is sad to hear, fear not; QC Pizza has its original location in Mahtomedi and it is still open and booming with business! So if you ever have time, go check out QC Pizza in Mahtomedi. And if you want to find other places to get pickle pizza, check out Slice on 519 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis which sells New York styled pizza, or any of the other places I mentioned in my previous post!

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