3:45AM and I arise and go outside. This is somewhat deeper than I thought. Those were thoughts that morning as I then foolishly entered my low riding dinky Ford Focus and proceeded to travel about 20 yards down the driveway and that was it on May 2, 2013. The most surprising things in my life was turning on the car radio and learning that we had elected a former pro wrestler governor and then the May 2 snow storm. Luckily I was able to get a hold of Rick and he was able to make it to the freeway and got into the radio station. I was stuck for a while as I'm on lightly traveled gravel road.

A record breaking snowfall it was. In fact the largest snowfall total for the entire month of May was 17.8 inches in 1954 in St. Louis County. We almost topped it in a day. The National Weather Service records state the 15.4 inches that fell on May 2 around Blooming Prairie was a record for one day in May. The snow continued and by May 3 another record was set for a 2 day snowfall of 17.2 inches. We also set a record for a 3 day snowfall when 17.3 inches was reported outside Ellendale on May 4. There was also a report from a weather spotter of 18 inches in the Blooming Prairie area.

Besides being stuck I was concerned about that weighted down branches that were hanging over my car. Despite being 5 months removed from triple bypass I remember going out there and very slowly shoveling snow and picking up branches and then sawing up large limbs.

Quite a storm. Bet you have memories too.

Here's a time laps you tube video of the snow falling in Owatonna.


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