Our very own Rich Will spent the fishing opener on Round Lake about five miles north of Winnie. His fishing party included Jason and Cole Dusek, Dave and Dusty Engbard, Travis Mueller and Dustin Houglom.

It's was a cold opener. However, anything below 80 degrees would be cold to Rich. If you ever want Rich to leave your place, turn up the air conditioner or turn down the furnace. I mentioned on Facebook that he should get a picture of himself in a snowmobile suit holding a fishing pole. It might make the cover of a Minnesota tourism magazine. Come to Minnesota where the fish are always real fresh, 'cuz they're frozen year 'round.

Actually I like those ear flaps he's wearing in the photo. Perhaps he should launch his own sports show on TV. He'd have to wear that hat with flaps on every show whether he's playing tennis, lawn darts, swimming, shooting hoops or whatever. The Chilled Will Sports Challenge. This really paints a funny picture doesn't it?

Anyway Rich caught a 23.5-inch walleye. Later Cole and Dustin caught a 25-incher to best Rich, but Rich claimed his fish was prettier.

Here's a few bits about walleyes. They can live up to 20 years, with the oldest recorded walleye reaching the age of 29. They're really movers. If given a big enough area, they can travel up to 50 miles in a single night. They lay about 600,000 eggs a year. The walleye is also the state fish of Ohio, Vermont and South Dakota in addition to Minnesota.

Rich has promised photos from opening deer season this fall. I hope he wears that hat again.