Some accidents can't be avoided, that's why they're called accidents. But in other cases they can, and that's why it's important to remind those who don't take the necessary precautions when winter weather strikes to make extra time to get to their destination.

Look I get it. You're tired, and don't want to get out of bed in the morning. The kids aren't cooperating and won't listen to you as you're telling them to hurry and get dressed and brush their teeth. You're thinking about your morning meeting and the long day ahead along with all the stuff you have to do on another long and stressful Monday... But all that shouldn't matter because you should be concentrating on the icy roads and be cognitive of your surroundings because you don't know what the driver in front or behind you is doing.

That's what I was dealing with this morning as I've got my two-year old daughter in the backseat singing away without a care in the world. Meanwhile on Highway 52, there's tons of idiots out driving around like it's sunny and 75 degrees. Not once, but twice I was cut off by drivers who didn't use their signal and I had to quickly swerve to the open lane next to me. Thankfully that didn't affect anyone behind me or either case could have caused a major pileup or worse.

Now if you don't have precious cargo in your car like I do then I can't possibly explain to you what that does to your heart because their safety is all that's on your mind. In fact, after the second encounter I had to just pull off to the side of the road and gather myself because the rage I had in that moment to the motorist in front of me is inexplainable. It wasn't until my kid said "It's OK daddy..." that I finally settled down. It's like she somehow knew I was stressed out of my mind, and I needed to hear those words to snap back to reality and get her to daycare safely.

So I'm just going to leave this post from the Minnesota State Patrol here in hopes you take a few extra minutes before leaving your home so you can get to your destination safely in nasty weather such like today... otherwise you could end up in something like this:

It started with a two-vehicle collision. It ended with a chain-reaction crash involving 23 vehicles that injured three people.

The initial crash between a van and a sedan happened just before 6 a.m. on Highway 169 and Excelsior Boulevard. Drivers changing lanes to avoid the crash lost traction and hit other vehicles. One person was taken to a hospital with minor injuries and the highway was closed for more than two hours.

Here are some reminders about driving in winter-weather conditions:
• Overpasses can be unexpectedly slick during the winter months. Slow down and increase your following distance.
• Keep your eyes to the horizon so you can see vehicles braking ahead of you.
• Give yourself extra time to get to your destination over the winter months and in inclement weather.

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