ROCKVILLE -- A new law in effect Friday in Minnesota allows people 21 and older to buy edibles and beverages that contain a limited amount of THC, the ingredient in marijuana that creates a high.

Republican State Senator Jeff Howe of Rockville says he voted for the bill because the federal government deregulated THC forcing states to act.

The federal government actually did some decriminalization of this and it was on the states then to put restrictions in place.  If we would have done nothing it would have been the wild wild west out there.

Edibles, like gummies, and beverages can contain up to five milligrams of THC per serving and 50 milligrams per package under the law. Five milligrams is about half the standard dose found in recreational marijuana.

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Howe compares it to less than 3.2 beer. However, he is concerned about someone who consumes a lot of this new THC and then gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

My concern is if they consume a great deal of this it's going to be tough on law enforcement, especially in driving situations.  I don't think it helped us much there.

Howe says he's not going to rush out and try it, but he says with it being a new thing he expects a lot of people will experiment with it and try it.

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