The all-time sexiest men in country music all share one unique quality: an ability to cause even the most proper, demure, graceful female country music fan to call out "Dayum!" without feeling guilty about it.

It's no secret that today's sexy country males like Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Sam Hunt have a certain charm most of their contemporaries do not have. Historically the same can be said of Randy Travis, George Strait and Glen Campbell, and we've got the pictures to prove it. We promise you won't look at Kris Kristofferson in quite the same way after this photo gallery ...

Of course, we're fans of the music first. Usually. In most cases. Okay, maybe sometimes it helps us get through a really bad song if the singer is wearing bluejeans stretched tighter than a fitted a sheet. No one is mad about the work Kenny Chesney puts in, or the effort Travis Tritt put in to having hair Fabio was jealous of. We're nothing but grateful for Jake Owen's green eyes and flirtatious ways. People Magazine may think Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive, but he has stiff competition in country music.

The Sexiest Men in All of Country Music, Ever:

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