It was a very tense early afternoon yesterday in the downtown Owatonna area. According to a news release from the Steele County Sheriff's Office, there was a Prisoner At Large. Suspect Adam John Flategraff was in the Steele Cunty Courthouse where he was sentenced on a charge of Criminal Vehicular Operation, he had been in a crash that involved great bodily harm.

Adam Faltegraff Mug Shot Credit: Steele County Sheriff's Department

At approximately 11:27 am, on December 10th, Flategraff was sentenced and remanded into custody to be transported to the Steele County Detention Center. Flategraff fled the Courthouse before he could be transported.

The Steele County Sheriff's Office offers their thanks to the assistance of the Owatonna Police Department, the Faribault Police Department K9 Unit, and the Minnesota State Patrol, as Flategraff was apprehended at approximately 2:15 pm. Flategraff was not known to have had any weapons on him when he fled, and was taken into custody about 3 hours after he escaped.

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