Yes, its been chilly. Yes, it's been wet and snowy. Yes, it's been gloomy. Yes, winter is long. Yes, spring has been slow to show up. And every single bit of that is all about to change.

I was initially excited to see that highs this Saturday and Sunday are expected to 'soar' into the sixties...and then I turned the page.

According to the National Weather Service, we should (finally) see daily high temperatures climb into the seventies in Owatonna and across southern Minnesota. Its likely been since October since that has happened.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service
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The Weather Channel's Ten Day Owatonna Forecast

  • SAT 4/8: 🌤️ 63°
  • SUN 4/9: 🌤️ 66° 🐰
  • MON 4/10: 🌤️ 70°
  • TUE 4/11: 🌤️ 73°
  • WED 4/12: 🌦️ 73°
  • THU 4/13: 🌤️ 75°
  • FRI 4/14: ⛈️ 70°
  • SAT 4/15: 🌦️ 69°
  • SUN 4/16: 🌥️ 63°
  • MON 4/17: 🌦️ 62
National Weather Service
National Weather Service

The average high for April in Owatonna is 57, so yes we've been cheated -- and yes we're going to crush that. Next week we'll be closer do the average high for May which sits at 70 degrees.

The sudden warmup adds to southern Minnesota's spring flooding concerns. A Flood Warning remains in effect for the Cannon River at Northfield through Friday afternoon, with other area rivers, streams, and tributaries being watched closely.

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