Maybe you've been saving and budgeting for that new boat you've had your eyes on and when you go to your local marine dealer, guess what?  No boats!

Due to manufacturer shutdowns during the pandemic combined with a huge demand for boats, jet skis and inventory that is severely lacking. A new boat?  “You can’t find a new one,  This was the only way to spend time outside with your family without having any restrictions,” Jeremy MacPherson said.

Andy Larson, owner of a water sports store in the Twin Cities, says all the boats on his showroom floor are spoken for. “We have two boats in inventory currently and normally we’d have 40-plus. We have one used, and we’d probably have 20 of those in a normal time,” Larson said.

According to WCCO  it's not just boats.  It's pontoons, jet skis and anything else you need to get out on the water this summer.

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Jake Hayes sells Sea-Doos and Jet Skis and says he sold out of both back in February of this year.  “Everything that we’ve sold has been sold out of a catalog or off an iPad. The days of ‘Can I sit on it and see it and touch it and feel it first,’ have been over since early last year,” Hayes said.

Hayes says that in a perfect world, you'd have your boat or other watercraft by Memorial Day by now you'd be shooting for the 4th of July.

Better luck next year?  Maybe, but dealers are recommending presale for 2022, just to be safe.

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